Laboratory Equipment Calibrations

Laboratory Equipment Calibrations

Oven- Temperature verification

Balance / Scales

Thermometer Verification

Sieve Verification / Inspection

Load Cells

Proving Rings

Measure: Volume verification


Dial Indicators


Hydralic Ram Verification


Concrete Lab Equipment Calibrations

Compression Testing Machine

Bearing Block Planeness verification

Pressure Air-Meter

Slump Cone

Unit Weight Scales

HMA Lab Equipment Calibrations

NCAT Incinerator: Balance Calibration

NCAT Incinerator: Temperature offset Calibration

Digital Manometer

Gyratory Compactors:

Standardize: Pressure, Height, External Angle sensor

and Internal Angle Verification

Gyratory Mold and end plate verification using 3 Point internal bore micrometer

Stability proving ring or Load cell

Flow indicator

Marshall Mold Verification

Marshall Breaking head

Marshall manual rammer verification

Aggregate / Soils Laboratory Equipment Calibrations

Proctor mold verification

Proctor manual rammer Verification

Liquid Limit Device

Straight Edge

LA Wear Machine

Proving Ring or Load cell

Dial indicator or LVDT

CBR: Penetration piston, Surcharge weights, Spacer Disks

CBR mold Verification

Direct Shear Load cell /proving ring

Direct Shear LVDT /Dial Indicator

CONSOL LVDT or Dial indicator


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